You Can’t Please Everyone – So Stop Trying and Focus on Yourself

The care-giver nature of women often blurs the line when this ‘nurturer’ zone unconsciously crosses over into ‘people pleasing’ zone. The issue is particularly vital for working woman who often finds herself in this zone. The workload starts mounting up simply due to the fact that she can’t afford to say ‘No’ which limits her level of happiness and self-confidence at work. The process ends up loosing sight of ones real self.

You Can't Please Everyone - So Stop Trying and Focus on Yourself

You Can’t Please Everyone – So Stop Trying and Focus on Yourself

Stop being a people pleaser by adhering to the below mentioned tips:

  • Choice is yours: Once you have portrayed yourself as a yes-woman, it becomes difficult to say no to a colleague when your help is sought. You have to constantly remind yourself that you have a choice to say No in case you are feeling overwhelmed with your own work.
  • Limit the Time Frame: Let your boss or colleagues at office know that you have your own time frame within which you can be available for help. Make it a point to let them know that your family is your first priority as soon as you step out of office.
  • Successive Approximation: This means adopting a step by step approach for letting your opinion being considered and given importance. This helps in building the courage and conviction that you need to stop being a people pleaser.
  • Don’t be a Serial Apologizer: Women with a tendency of being people pleasers have the habit of being serial apologists. You really need to pay attention to your habit of saying sorry, whether you are at fault or not. Most of the times it so happens that you aren’t at fault.

As soon as you stop being people pleasers, you will not only benefit yourself but also allow the people around you to get to know your capabilities better. If you are over-stressed after being a people pleaser all the time, how can you move forward in life and career?


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