What makes people tick at work?

What makes people tick at work?

My Luscious Sistas,

I’m back with my Friday post this week.

I came across this great blog post by Naomi Simson today. I first spoke about it on my blog earlier this month.

Since having my children, i’ve been in pursuit of work/life balance, happy lifestyle, happy being, contented selves.

I’m often told, it is a myth or a fallacy? Is it? Well i don’t believe so!

We are all defined by the purpose of our existence in this world. So, innately we are constantly searching for a reason of our existence by trying to fit into an existing mould.

What makes people tick at work?

What makes people tick at work?

The mould could be in the shape of a certain type of group you can connect, network or have fun with. It can be in the form of a belief or power or control that we can exert on others.

Many may find fulfillment in all or some. Though they might not all be helpful, healthy & content associations.

For example i often talk about women feeling guilty about giving up control of work (in the office or at home). They feel as though no one can do it better then them or that being a super woman is what defines them.

Control can also give the feeling of ‘being in power’ which to some is very crucial to their existence. But more often than not, will result in burnout, stress, bad lifestyle and an unhappy existence.

I do believe that as human beings, we are programmed in a way that we are more likely to succeed in life & live a happy existence if we can find a sense of belonging to something or someone.

So, as a final thought i do agree with what Naomi speaks about which is that by instilling a sense of belonging in various forms like feeling connected, valued, feeling useful, at your workplace can & will create more cohesive teams.
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