Top 5 mistakes a mother makes while feeling trapped by guilt

Top 5 mistakes a mother makes while feeling trapped by guilt

Here are the 5 common mistakes a mother makes while feeling trapped by guilt. You might find yourself in some or even all of them:

  • Unable to get the work/life balance right.

I will work hard to provide all the things for my family, to send my kids to private schools & a gazillion after school clubs, music lessons etc. Before you realise it, you are spending 6 days a week at work working stupendously long hours. But I had promised kids that i’ll attend their sports day or i’ll spend this weekend with them but somehow you can never manage to get it right & so the guilt seeps in.

  • Overcommitting to fulfil other peoples expectations

You know you’ve got a deadline at work but you feel like you can also manage the charity dinner invitation, take the kids shopping & even make a trip to the Vets before the end of the week. Why you? Read the next mistake..

  • Not asking for help

Us women have a problem with asking for help. We tend to be perfectionist to our own detriment. No one else can do a job like us, be it a colleague, our children or even our own partner. We are all about helping others except ourselves.

  • Neglecting your health

When you have too much on your plate, you can start to push those little aches and pains to the back of your mind. After all, that’s what ibuprofen is for, right? You know you’re stressed out, so that’s not news. You might have already accepted the idea that your body is rebelling against what is happening around you. And that’s when you can get into serious trouble with your health!

  • Burning out

Guilt can be a serious factor when it comes to burnout. The more guilt you feel, the more you want to alleviate it. You sometimes think that you can alleviate the guilt by taking on more obligations, saying “yes” more often and not doing anything that might disappoint others. You put yourself on the back burner and hope that eventually, the workload or the obligations will ease up. Eventually, it all becomes too much.

Do you feel trapped by mummy-guilt? Do you find yourself making the same mistakes?

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