The Fear Of Being Judged

It isn’t easy being a busy woman. You get to meet a myriad of new people every day. Being up in a good status in the society can often lead to people judging you more –and if you aren’t careful, you might just find yourself struggling to cope with the shower of criticisms ushered on you by your detractors.

But isn’t there something that you could do?

Well, being on top isn’t easy! The higher you rise, the more would be the number of people watching you and your moves. And then, you begin to think whether any action of yours will change others’ opinion about you. Guilt and apprehensiveness are often the driving factors behind most women’s decisions.

Don’t let your apprehensions drive you away from your goal!

Don’t be bogged down by what others think. A failure isn’t the end of the road. There will be people judging you. There will be people telling you what’s to be done right. There will be people criticizing you for your moves – and the more important things you do the more will be the proportion of criticizers.

The Fear Of Being Judged

The Fear Of Being Judged


Most women fall prey to guilt. If you are a working mother, there will be others telling you haven’t been able to fulfill your duty as a mother. If you are a successful manager, there will be people telling you of the decisions that you took wrong. If you are a daughter, your parents might have a truckload of expectations on you – which might often seem too difficult to accomplish.

The truth is, you do not have to always seek approval: This might sound silly but it really works. You don’t always have to ask others for acceptance. Having confidence at the time of decision making will leave no room for ambiguity.

People judging you won’t make a difference, till you want it to make a difference! Stop imagining things and focus on what you are doing. At the end, it is you who decide what is to be done with your life, not others. It’s you who is affected by your actions, not others.

Do you want to spend your life in misery thinking what others think about you or do what you believe is right?

The choice is yours!

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