The art of delegation – it has never been easier

The art of delegation – it has never been easier

Delegating isn’t something that everyone can do. Or rather, delegating effectively isn’t something that all can master at. So what is it about delegating that you should know?

  1. What do you need?

If you are an entrepreneur or a super woman, chances are you have been working on everything – from accounting to sales and a lot more for your business! However, doing everything can be harmful for your well being. So what can you do to lessen the stress? Well, for one, try to prioritise on what you can do yourself and what is better outsourced because you don’t particularly like doing it or it is cheaper if someone else does it than your own hourly rate. Delegating the latter to others can churn out more time for you – which can be better utilized.

The art of delegation  it has never been easier

The art of delegation it has never been easier

  1. Follow the process

Know whom to delegate to. Sometimes you need to delegate the matter to skilled people and sometimes even laymen could do it. Lay it out as detailed as possible or as specific as you can be when detailing the job requirements whether hiring house help, virtual assistant or an accountant to weed out the ones who need not apply. Make sure to follow the same process whether outsourcing or hiring.  Provide clear instructions to avoid confusion and let go when you can.

  1. Technology isn’t bad!

It’s simple.  There is a reason we have these high tech devices around us. Getting the work done faster is what these devices excel at, and as a superwoman you need to know how to use them effectively. Smart phones, tablets or the plethora of new apps – you should know what works for you! Delegate the work to your device as much as you can, from keeping reminders to advising you on what action to take – tech devices can work wonders today.

Delegating is an art, and if you master it, you might just earn yourself a balanced life (and yes this is atweetable, just click on the red text for a quick twittering action, its all done for you:-)


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