The Supermum Myth: How to Avoid falling For It

The Supermum Myth:  How to Avoid falling For It

The Supermum myth floating around seems to be too tempting but mothers often feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that they have thrust upon themselves. The burden of being a superwoman and the inability of achieving this impractical goal pushes many a women in the abyss of despair and helplessness, ultimately leading to stress. It is just a beginning of falling into the trap of being too judgemental at every step of one’s career.

The following tips will help you become a strong & capable mum without being a supermum:

  • Get some ME time: All those sources of triggers that let you feel guilty for not having accomplished the so called goal of becoming a superwoman should be removed at the very first instance. Even a 15min break from your hectic schedule helps bring back the clarity of thought.
  • Learn to Distinguish Your Critical Voice: This critical voice is always working in the back of your mind trying to underestimate the work that you do. While you should occasionally listen to this inner critic of yours but allowing it to rule over your mind and heart can prove disastrous for your family and work life.
  • Delegate Chores: Although striving for higher goals is everyone’s ambition but women tend to get caught in this obsession as they juggle between their fast paced career and their family life. Try and delegate the work that you have in hand and allow room for some mistakes.
  • Don’t be a Control Freak: When you are desperately trying to control the outcome of any kind of task underhand either at office or home, you are only trying to satisfy the inner feeling of fitting into the model of a ‘superwoman’. The situation can lead to depression as you are blocking the flow of creative energy.
  • Celebrate the Compassionate Nature: It is very essential that you turn your attention and celebrate the compassionate nature that you are endowed with. This can help you to see the trajectory of your life in a more positive light.

Being a superwoman isn’t all about having found the formula when it comes to maintaining the work-life balance. Are you willing to make this empowered choice of disengaging yourself from the myth?

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