Results of Burnout – A brief look

Results of Burnout – A brief look

You are one of those who love to work all day long. Be it at home where little kids can devour your head or at work when your boss expects you to give 100% all the time – you do have it tough. A mundane monotonous lifestyle can soon ooze out energy from you and cause burnout. If you thought burnout wouldn’t affect you, think again!

 So what can be the results of burnout?

  1. Less Physical Energy

It’s not a secret that too much of work depletes your physical energy. With too much of stress, you are bound to feel tired most of the time. What’s worse, your energy level will continue to spiral downwards.

  1. Worsening of health

Yes, stress has an effect on both your mental and physical health.  It is scientifically proven that prolonged stress can actually affect your immune system’s response. You would be more susceptible to diseases like cold and flu.

  1. Interpersonal relationships affected

Stress can make your relationships get worse too. You would feel irritated most times which would result in a sudden burst of anger at some point.

  1. Increased inefficiency

Efficiency suffers too. Without a healthy mindset your work to time ratio will suffer and you will just end up on the wrong side. This means deadlines will suffer and you might just have a quirky boss bickering constantly.

  1. Pessimistic outlook

If things don’t go right, people don’t love the world. If you are too stressed out and things seem to go the opposite way, you are surely going to develop a pessimistic outlook. A pessimistic outlook can destroy the fundamentals and what you achieved till then, making you grovel with a myriad of questions which not necessarily have to be answered then.

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