Never Mince Your Words – And Here’s Why…

Never Mince Your Words – And Here’s Why…

Words have the ability to change our lives. And some of them have more effect than others. We’ve made a list here of some of the most powerful words we have ever encountered – words which have a transformative effect and which can often alter the course of a life:


By uttering this word and refusing to do certain acts you’re letting people know that you have boundaries you won’t cross. By saying ‘no’ you’re pointing out to them what these boundaries and that you expect them to be respected in the future.


This is an extremely powerful and positive word. ‘Yes’ lets you enter the realm of possibilities – to accept an invitation, agree to a house swap, take on a work project etc and then go along with whatever is about to happen next.  It’s a word that often requires commitment however so it definitely shouldn’t be uttered lightly.


A word that’s sure to endear others to you and make you feel good about yourself too. In a way it lets you acknowledge the good events in your life and hopefully learn to appreciate them. Don’t wait too long to say it though – best to announce it immediately after the event.


We all know this one! But that’s because it IS so powerful. It can heal relationships and restore friendships. Saying ‘sorry’ can make us feel like a better person, so too can having the ability to grant forgiveness.

I’m Proud of You

Ok, this isn’t a single word but rather a phrase. And it’s one which we reckon is uttered far too seldom (although it’s probably uttered more these days than it ever was). The feeling of pride and happiness this phrase can engender in the one to whom the words are directed can be huge. Try it!


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