Magic up more hours in your day

Magic up more hours in your day

Just exactly where do all those hours in the day go? That’s the ones we’d planned to work in, clean and tidy up in, and meet friends. Not having enough time to get everything done is an all too common lament these days thanks to our busy lives seeming to shunt us from A to B within the blink of an eye.

But really, there are ways we can make our time work better for us so that it seems as if we have more rather than less hours in the day. Just exactly what are we talking about here? Well, read on…

How to get more hours in your day 

  • Reschedule your work day. Analyse your current working day and make note of when you seem to accomplish the most work (ie mornings, afternoons or even night for freelancers out there). Rewrite your work schedule so that you get the difficult and tricky stuff done when you work best and leave the sending emails and admin tasks to fit into the ‘down times.’
  • Prevent internet use. We all do it – get bored at work so we nip onto the internet for a quick ‘five minutes’. But those five minutes can become 10 then half an hour if we’re not careful. There are lots of software tools you can download nowadays to prevent internet access and allow you to concentrate on the tasks you really need to do.
  • Don’t multi-task. It can be tempting of course to try and do two things at once. But it’s not saving time; in fact you’re actually creating more work for yourself. It’s far better – and quicker – to concentrate fully on one task at a time and complete it rather than do two and have to go back and check. Disrupting your concentration switching from one to the other also wastes time.

The above are just three of a number of ways to make your time work better for you. We’d love to hear some that have worked for you.

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