Lesson from a 6 yr old on how to be grateful

Lesson from a 6 yr old on how to be grateful


To be grateful that i am!

A short conversation with my 6 yr old son yesterday brought tears to my eyes. No, he hadn’t won any medals or aced an exam. It was a simple gesture.

Usually when the boys get home from school and i’m working from home, i take a break from that point on wards (for at least a couple of hours or sometimes until their bed time). I’m privileged to be able to do so but it had not always been this way. But that story is for another time.

As they get changed, upon their return from school is usually a good time for me to catch up on their day’s activities or anything they want to share with me. So yesterday, after the older one got changed & fled downstairs, the younger one saw the opportunity to grab my attention and whispered into my ear, ” Mama, iwanna tell you something!” Immediately alarm bells started ringing. Your subconscious immediately starts to prepare you for the worst, ” have you been suspended” or ” did you get into a fight in school” and so on.

Putting my fears aside, i asked him what is it? He said, the teacher asked us to make a card for the father’s day. I said that’s wonderful. So, did you make one? Yes i did but i also made a card for “bhaijaan” ( that’s what he calls his older brother which literally translates into “lovely brother”). So, i asked him that what made him do that?

He answered, “becausebhaijaan is just as special as Dad”. As if that wasn’t enough to make me all teary eyed, he then read what he had written inside:

” I love you bhaijaan because you are always so kind & helpful to me.”

” I hope you have a great time in your new school and make lots of new friends” (the older one is starting high school in September)

Tears are still pouring down my face as i write & recall our conversation…. i’m such a softy…

It was the purity of  his thoughts and feelings which was so heart warming. Made me realise that how many times do we as adults remember to be grateful for what we have on daily basis?

Our busy lives, the dependence on money and the hunger to earn even more, so consumes our daily routines that we often forget to value those who matter the most. To not only value them but be grateful for having them in our lives. To be grateful for all that we have and not what we don’t have or can’t have.

To strive to get what we DON’T have can sometimes consume us to the extent of forgetting to be grateful for what we DO have. (YES, this is a tweetable, just click on the hyperlink for a quick twittering action, its all done for you:-)

Being grateful also serves as a great motivator for those who find it hard to stay focused on their goals.

So take a moment as you read this & write about just one thing you are grateful to have in your life. You can list more but atleast one as you take a minute out to give it some genuine thought.

If it isn’t someone in your case, it could be your health. How often do we take that for granted and abuse it? Learning to be grateful on daily basis also keeps us humble, keeps us from stress and despair.

What are you grateful for? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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