Learn the art of saying No

Learn the art of saying No

Learning to enjoy your work is an art. Managing your time to make time for everything you love doing is an art. Giving you a healthy lifestyle, while living a frantic workaholic lifestyle is also nothing but an art.

Above all, learning to say No when it matters is also a great art to learn.

Ever wondered why you find it hard to say ‘no’?

  1. The fear of hurting others

Nobody loves to hurt people, at least not those with a kind soft heart like yours. Being someone who is trying to excel both at home and in the workplace, you do want to help others as much you can. The only problem is, you can’t help everyone! So, what do you do? Just learn to prioritise. Help only those who need the help, not those who can help themselves!

  1. The fear of lost opportunities

As a super woman, you want to take advantage of each and every opportunity that comes your way. Unfortunately, you have only two hands and one brain – all of which can get tired soon. A super woman doesn’t have to do everything; she has to know what can help her achieve what she wants!

  1. The fear of wanting to be agreeable

You might be one of those who cannot fathom disagreeing with others. Don’t worry; women have been known to be people pleasers for long. Throughout the ages, women have had to say yes. In fact, it was immoral for them to say ‘no’ and disagree.

So, do you want to do the same? Of course not! With the strong intelligent quotient and reasoning power inside you, learning to say ‘No’ to things which doesn’t deserve a ‘Yes’ is your absolute right!

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