Kids AND Customers – learn how to balance them perfectly

Being a great mum and a great business owner – both terms aren’t mutually exclusive. It is possible, although at times it can seem just the opposite.
But it can be done, it just takes a little time and effort to get that ride running smoothly. And working on the following points definitely helps:
Don’t victimise yourself. Instead of thinking ‘woe is me,’ she advises you turn it around to ‘wow is me.’ In other words change your mind set to look at the positives and what can be achieved rather than what can’t.
Make nap times more constructive. Don’t waste the time your baby sleeps by doing housework. Instead use it to send emails, make calls and generally catch up on your business needs. Hire a cleaner if you have to!
Make sure you’ve enough babysitters. Think about joining a co-op where everyone chips in and pays for a babysitter to look after a bunch of kids at a time or take turns where one mum is responsible one day a week while the others get on with their business

Get people behind you. In other words, get then behind the vision of your business. Build up a support team (your partner, family, best friend etc) so that when you need someone to lend a hand every now and then you’ll get it.
Take time out for you. Lathan calls this ‘Goddess Time’ and it’s really about making sure you chill out and rejuvenate so you’ve enough energy to carry on both your mum and business duties. Goddess Time could be a long soak in posh bubble bath, a morning in your local spa or a movie with your best friend. You get the idea…
So what do you think? How do you make sure both your mum and business needs are met?

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