Give your self-esteem some turbo charge

Give your self-esteem some turbo charge

Some folks have it, others crave it. Self-esteem – it’s something for many of us that goes up and down like a yoyo depending on how we let events shape our perception of ourselves.

But there’s ways we can control the influence others and events have on what is essentially, our confidence. Here’s some exercises we can do to ensure damage limitation.

Give your self-esteem some turbo charge

How to boost self-esteem

  • Treat yourself to a lovely note book and write down in it a list of all your positive qualities. That could be skills, accomplishments, talents, qualities etc. Next, jot down compliments you’ve received in recent months – or ones that you remember from years back. Carry the book around with you or put it somewhere safe that you can refer to when you start to feel a bit down on yourself.
  • Try something new that you’ve never thought about before. For instance, join an art class, learn to do upholstery, go kayaking. Learning new skills and achieving small accomplishments can really add fire to your day and remind yourself that you’re capable of overcoming obstacles. Write these little achievements down in your note book too and how they made you feel at the time.
  • Every week at the same time for a whole month take a look in the mirror (full length if possible) and list down three things that make you feel good about yourself. They can be visual such as your skin, long legs and finger nails, or cerebral ie you’re a top-notch speller, a good listener and have a brilliant sense of direction. They can be personality-driven too ie you have a lot of energy, you‘re good at small-talk etc. Write these down in your note pad too and again, refer to them on darker days.

How about you? What methods do you use to keep feeling good about yourself and which work best?

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