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Give your self-esteem some turbo charge

Give your self-esteem some turbo charge Some folks have it, others crave it. Self-esteem – it’s something for many of us that goes up and down like a yoyo depending on how we let events shape our perception of ourselves. But there’s ways we can control the influence others and events have on what is […]


Yes You Can Say ‘No’

Want to be successful at whatever you do – whether that’s being a great mum, best friend or self-employed author? Then there’s one sure way to get there. Or at least, a means to ensure you stay on the right track. And that’s learning to say ‘NO. Yup, just two little letters can do more […]


Work harder by skipping off more

We’re going to hit you with the ‘less is more rule’ but you knew that anyway, didn’t you? For those who don’t quite know what we’re talking about, it concerns ‘focus.’ In other words working in chunks by taking a break every 40 minutes or so rather than right through for a solid two hours […]