A mother’s right to indulge in a bath

A mother’s right to indulge in a bath

Mothers: Do you remember the last time you took a nice long, relaxing bath?

Do you feel guilty about indulging in such activities because it could be spend doing the leftover ironing or hoovering which you have been putting off for days?

Will the world really turn upside down if you just stopped for a moment or an hour to self-indulge? What good a mother be if she’s loosing her mind in the vicious cycle of guilt? After all, a recovered & refreshed mind & body can do a lot more in a lot less time than a tired & stressed one, won’t you agree?

PRESS STOP! Mothers, you need not feel guilty about looking after your needs, your health & well being. Your family’s well-being depends on you (majority of the times) & hence YOUR well being comes first.


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