Work harder by skipping off more

We’re going to hit you with the ‘less is more rule’ but you knew that anyway, didn’t you? For those who don’t quite know what we’re talking about, it concerns ‘focus.’

In other words working in chunks by taking a break every 40 minutes or so rather than right through for a solid two hours or more can mean you get more done because you’re able to focus better after a rest period – even though you’ve effectively spent less time working.

Work harder by skipping off more

If you can’t focus, guess what happens? You begin to procrastinate, get frustrated and start to feel guilty and overloaded. And how well do you think those emotions go down when it comes to getting on with your work?

How to focus more effectively

  • Get enough sleep. Working more and sleeping less is a recipe for disaster. You need sleep to help you focus. That’s because sleeping will boost your immune system, making you feel healthier and more ready to tackle the day ahead.
  • Schedule in decent meal times. Snacking throughout the day because you’d rather work than take an hour out to have a proper meal doesn’t help. In fact it hinders. That’s because without the proper nutrition your energy levels are going to slump. And guess what happens then? Yes – you lose focus.
  • Get in a healthy exercise routine. Taking time out for exercising is one of the first things to suffer when you have a heavy workload. That’s because you wrongly believe that time is better spent on your project than rejuvenating your body. Wrong. Exercise will get those feel-good hormones jumping round your head and make you more willing to face work head-on.
  • Set limits on your working hours. By setting the number of hours you’re going to work in advance you’ll pack more in to them rather than drifting on for 10 hours or more every day.

The above have certainly worked for us. How about you?

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