Why let others wear the legal wig? Be your own judge!

Others do judge us – and that’s the truth. But we don’t have to be afraid of those judgements, or even take them on board. And we certainly don’t have to act on them.

Fear of being judged by others is unhealthy when it stops you doing what you want. When the opinion of others over-rules your own and prevents you from achieving your dreams – whether that’s to move countries, pack in a well-paying job for something you’d personally find more stimulating, or leaving a relationship. But there are ways to ensure that you don’t fall prey to others judgements – whether they’re real or imagined. I’ve some tips below:

How to stop letting the opinions of others steer your life

  • Don’t look to others for approval. It doesn’t really matter what they think of your actions or attitudes. It’s not them but you who are living your life.
  • Don’t put your dreams on hold.The more you stall, the more your fear of being judged by others carries more weight. Just get on and do what you want to do. Chances are no-one is really bothered anyway, they’re just busy getting on with their own lives – and worrying about others judging them!
  • Appreciate your own worth. If you like yourself it won’t matter so much what other people think because you’ll have the confidence anyway to just go and do your own thing anyway. It’s called having self-worth.
  • Don’t make assumptions. Sometimes we’re not being judged by others but just assume we are. At times like this we have to look at our own behaviour. Are we judging others ourselves because of our own insecurities? If so that’s a vicious circle we have to get out of if we want to really move forward with our lives.

Nine times out of ten others aren’t judging us at all as they’re actually just doing their own thing. But even if they are – are you really going to give them control over your life?                                                            


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