What’s making You Burnout

An excessive workload and loss of control over ones profession can lead to burnout among working women. It is caused by prolonged exposure to stress and can lead to emotional, cognitive and physical exhaustion. Studies have shown that women are more likely to experience the symptoms of burnout as they find themselves unable to balance home and work issues. It can be said that the cause behind burnout is interplay of a triangular relationship between work-related, lifestyle and personality issues.

What's making You Burnout

What’s making You Burnout

The following factors lead to burnout among working women:

  • Lifestyle Causes: Excessive working, without any time for socializing and relaxing; shouldering many responsibilities without taking any help and absence of supportive and close relationships are among the chief causes leading to burnouts.


  • Work-Related Causes: Various factors at your office ranging from a feeling of helplessness wherein you have little control over the work you do, absence of a reward or encouragement for the efforts that you put into your work, monotonous nature of the task in hand, an extremely high pressure working environment and unclear job expectations that are difficult to accomplish contributes to burnout.


  • Personality Traits: Although personality traits differ from person to person but the ones like, reluctance to delegate work to your team members, an overly pessimistic view of the world around stemming from past experiences and a perfectionist nature for which nothing is good are the leading contributors towards burnout among working women.

Although the detachment resulting from burnout can have an adverse effect on every aspect of your life but the balance can be regained by taking some time out for yourself. If you are experiencing any job related issues, have you checked out on the above factors lately?


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