Top 5 dance styles that help you burn 500 calories


Gaining too much weight? Too bored to go to gym? Or are you just thinking of a fun way to exercise? Dance can be the mantra to all your solutions. One of the most beautiful sports is particularly useful in maintaining health; let’s find out how to lose weight through dancing!

Top 5 dance styles that help you burn 500 calories

Top 5 dance styles that help you burn 500 calories




An hour of Zumba burns 500 calories if practiced with fast and extensive moves to music, having only a 10 minute break.


Zumba is very easy to practice because it involves simple aerobic moves without requiring technical elements. This is not enough for someone who wants to catch “manners of movement” in the sense that the movement should be educated to look good and protect the skeleton and muscles.




Although apparently not a very fast dance, tango burns more calories because involves using multiple muscle groups simultaneously, both for maintaining difficult positions and for slow steps and specific accents.


An hour and a half of tango dancing can burn up to 500 calories, as long as you do spectacular moves and not just simple steps.


Ballroom dancing


Ballroom dancing is fun, accessible and useful and can be practiced anywhere: parties, weddings, clubs, disco etc..


Ballroom dancing can lead to burn up to 500 calories in a few hours, but it is possible if those who practiced dance classes and learned the moves go somewhere to practice: usually dance evenings, clubs or simply between friends.

Top 5 dance styles that help you burn 500 calories

Top 5 dance styles that help you burn 500 calories


Professional Dancing


Professional dancing may result in the loss of 500 calories in as less as 10 minutes, depending on the dance. Anyone who chooses professional dancing can enjoy two types of dances:


Latin American dances: cha cha cha, jive, samba, rumba, Paso Doble;

Standard dances: slow waltz, Viennese waltz, quickstep, slow fox, tango (tango is different from the Argentine) Contemporary dance weakens


Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance is based on the ballet movements, stimulating muscles and body flexibility. Can be one of the most engaging dances, and you could even achieve performance.


Contemporary dance can burn up to 500 calories if you take into account the half hour of warm-up. Contemporary dance cannot start without a warm-up because it uses large movements that need a good warmed-up body muscle strains – of course this depends on the level of performance you are at.

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