Smart Steps Towards Better Work Life Balance

A working mother usually finds herself in a quagmire as the feelings of stress and guilt occurring from a divided attention between family and work. Regardless of the situation a working woman is faced with, admitting that one can’t do it all is a pretty healthy sign that helps in balancing your parenthood and profession.

The below ways will help flourish your family as well as career:

  • Say Goodbye to Guilt: You can think of the manner in which your work is helping you achieve financial security for your child. You might even afford some educational opportunities for your child which by saving for his/her future. This doesn’t mean that you won’t face tough days, remaining prepared for the same will help you de-stress yourself and plan clearly.
  • You Are Not Alone: Remember you aren’t the only one who is facing tough time; all the working mothers out there have had to deal with such situations. Talking to them and learning from their experiences will surely help you out in chalking this work-home balance.
  • Family Calendar: Paste one on the wall or use online calendars for the purpose that can sync across your smartphones. This makes sure that you don’t miss out any important event, a meeting at the school and eliminates surprises that might spring up during the week.
  • Staying Connected: Kids or no kids, we as women have to learn to stay connected to our inner feelings & thoughts by allowing ourselves that ME time. Some reflective period to ponder over our everyday or weekly schedules.

It is only the perceived inability to balance the work and family life that results in harbouring a guilt feeling by the working women. Have you done enough to strike this fine balance?

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