Just some of the praise for GFL & its Founder

I had the pleasure of knowing Amber whilst on a programme we were working on together, which gave me time to understand the true Amber Khan. She is a very caring and genuine person who is passionate about her subject of relieving any kind of guilt from our lives. Guilt can be a very crippling emotion that is capable of stopping us in our track and an emotion that easily prevents us from moving forward. If you recognise yourself as carrying any guilt in your life Amber is the lady to connect with to help you expel any guilt so you are able to move on to a more fulfilling life.

Jacqueline Coe
Founder/Director Intelligent Parenting

Amber is one of the most relaxed yet productive women I know. She and I discuss raising children and she clearly make a lot of time for them. Still she founded Guilt Free Living and went on to help women enjoy life without guilt. Talk about practising what you preach! She is enthusiastic and open to talk. A real pleasure to be around.

Matthew Modisett
Risk Actuary at Pension Insurance Corporation

I have known Amber for a while now and I have seen her business and passion for it grow. She is definitely a lady who talks the talks but more importantly walks the walks. A mother and a business woman, she has recognised the importance of balance and well being in these areas. Amber’s focus on getting Mum’s to look after their well-being by living a guilt free life and her expertise in, mentoring, health and well being makes her the woman that all Mothers, suffering from stress, guilt and over work should turn to.

Angela Harkness
Advocator for Women to turn their dreams into reality

Amber you were great at TV Apex talk on Women Empowerment. I'd love to chat some more. 

Muneezay Jaffery
Operations Manager at Green Shoots Foundation 

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