People pleasing women: don’t you have enough on your plate?

People pleasing women: don’t you have enough on your plate?

Throughout history, women have been those who pleased others. In some cultures, it was their absolute duty. Women were once expected to keep the house clean and take care of the children, but now times have changed and they are expected to work full-time jobs while still keeping up with their “traditional” responsibilities?

Saying “yes” happens almost without conscious thought. Imagine this scenario: A work colleague approaches you at work and asks if you can go over a report (even though it is not your responsibility) because the value your opinion? Ummmm… naahhh..the real reason for asking is that they are too busy to do their own work but they can’t tell you that, they know what buttons to pull with a people pleaser.

Your mind is screaming “no” because you are overwhelmed with work but what comes out of your mouth is a polite, “Yes, I would love to!” As soon as the words are out of your mouth you want to take them back, but the person who asked is so happy to have a willing volunteer that you simply don’t have the heart to take back what you have just promised. So you listen to the demanding pitch, take the paperwork, toss around a few ideas, and the whole time your mind is racing. How do I have time for this?

What in the world are you going to do?

Learning how to say no is one of those things that any counsellor would tell you absolutely must come first on the priority list. But it’s one thing to know that’s true – it’s quite another to put it into action. Simply put, someone who always says “yes” might not even know how to say “no.”

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