Lesson No 1 – Big Enough Problem to Solve

Lesson No 1 – Big Enough Problem to Solve

My Luscious Sistas,

Lesson Number 1

To create a big enough problem first: What do I mean by this? Well, I had been prolonging outsourcing my social media marketing campaign for months by telling myself that until my website is ready or until this or that is ready, I won’t commit to this expense. That day would never come until you create a big enough problem that you know you’d have to find a solution for it to make it all work.

The purpose of the social media marketing for me personally is to raise my online profile. The more I delay it, the longer it’d take for everything to flourish.

So, I decided to commit to paying to someone & made the first payment. When you know what is at stake that is you have to pay someone else’s salary every month, you are more likely to put your head down to complete the tasks necessary to make it all work.

I knew then that the website had to be ready by Monday this week. Even though many hurdles came in the way & the main site still isn’t ready but I was able to create & publish a blog & facebook page in time to drive traffic somewhere.

Personal Tip: [tweetthis]Only by creating a problem big enuff 2 impact your life can u ensure viable & successful solution[/tweetthis]Only by creating a problem big enough to impact your personal or business life can you ensure a viable & successful solution.

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Let me know your thoughts below. Would love to hear about YOUR OWN learning’s,  successes & wins this week.

Till next time

Lots of hugs


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