How to Avoid the Superwoman Traps

A perfect balance of brain, energy, patience and nurture is all what characterizes a superwoman but the disposition seems to be too utopian to be realized in practice. Studies have shown that even those working women who have reached the zenith of success find it hard to juggle between their work and family life resulting in living a perpetually stressful life. If you have fell into the trap of being a superwoman, then you are surely asking too much from yourself.

What makes you fall in this Superwoman trap?

  • Do-it- All Nature: If you have portrayed yourself as one who has a do-it-all attitude, then it becomes difficult to even accept the fact that at times when you need to realize that being a superwoman doesn’t demand you to be a miracle worker. You might become a superwoman at the office but you fail to realize the pain that you are consciously inflicting on yourself.
    How to Avoid the Superwoman Traps

    How to Avoid the Superwoman Traps

  • Saying No: You have almost become such a person at work who never says no to any task at hand. This might help you reinforce your image of being a superwoman but it lets you to even face the reality of not getting things done.
  • Being Over-emotional: An over-emotional feeling of being responsible can be a curse as it can lead to the generation of guilty feelings. This guilt is a corrosive energy that is constantly eating you up from within and diminishes the sense of your worth.
  • Stress Cycle: Accompanied with this sense of guilt is the vicious cycle of stress that the woman falls into which spills over to the family life and community life.

The continuous pressure of fitting into the image of a super-earner and a super-achiever makes women fall into the prey of setting unrealistic goals resulting in an imbalanced work-life relationship. What do you choose for yourself?

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