How to Avoid Over-Commitment Effectively

A build up of too many responsibilities makes working women feel in a whirlpool accompanied by a perpetual sense of guilt of underperformance. This state is recognized as over-commitment, when you try to do way too much in a short span of time, contributing in enhancing your stress levels. This state of affairs is experienced by all working women during the trajectory of their career development, but all you need to do is adhere to the following:
Priority List: Make a list of your commitments like family role, job responsibilities, home responsibility, and community work in a separate journal or note book. Don’t forget to add your name to this list.
Filtering: Filter out the commitments that need to be there on the list from the ones that only take up your time without being really important. Remember, doing this will not mean that you are shying away from your responsibilities but it means that you are honoring and recognizing your limits so that in the end you can be your best at whatever you do.

Take some Help: This is all about breaking down your commitments into bits so that you can delegate some portion of your work to someone around. You can alternatively discuss with your partner to pick up the kids or share household work in order to give yourself a break.
Don’t be an OverNurturer: Although women love to be counted among the ones who try to fix almost everything that comes their way and at the same time tries to be best at multi-tasking. It is better that you turn off this over-nurturer button because the more you put pressure on your self the more demands you will get. Sometimes it’s better to say No to certain things.

It is not only about surviving out there when it comes to a working women, it is about making a mark for oneself. Would you like to take a pro-active approach by adopting the above methods or prefer being driven by the circumstances?

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