Get some balance back into your life

Some of us are workaholics and driven to achieve in whatever walk of life we find ourselves in – whether its sports, dieting or even board games. Others enjoy the party lifestyle to the detriment of their health and relationships. Then there are those who are always around others and never seem to spend much time on their own – for whatever reason.

None of the former scenarios are ideal in terms of achieving a balanced life. So just  how do we go about reaching that particular nirvana?

Well, first of all, work out what’s really important to you – family, work or leisure for instance. Then fit your other demands around your priorities. Do this by:

  • Learning to say no to stuff you can’t fit time in for (it’s not that difficult once you get used to it)
  • Work in some time for yourself where possible ie could you telecommute a couple of days a week? Then use the travelling time to do something you enjoy – read a book, catch up with a friend, brush up your craft skills
  • Keep in touch with others via email or a postcard rather than calling or meeting up when life’s very busy. The continuity will be good for you
  • Make dates with your significant other so that it’s something to look forward to
  • Don’t bring work home unless it’s absolutely crucial – otherwise it can become a nasty habit (and not just for you, but everyone else in the house too since they have to be quiet while you work)
  • Make plans for particular week nights so that there’s no way you could work late – even if you wanted to
  • Make sure you get enough nutrition. Don’t just eat junk food. It’ll make you tired and irritable and even with the best intentions you won’t have the stamina to exercise or meet friends
  • Get away to the country or beach for a lengthy chunk of time every now and then to recharge those struggling batteries of yours

Take the above into consideration and before you know it calmness (rather than panic) will be your companion.

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