Easy Burnout Busters for Stress Free Living

In the corporate world of today, the Darwinian principle of struggle for the fittest rules the roost. It is especially challenging for working women who have to shoulder the double burden of maintaining household and work. It is normal to experience the signs of burnout in such situations but leaving the state as such worsens your condition. Hence, you should make mental and physical well being your top priority and take the preventive steps to enable you to balance your life and face challenges.

The following prevention tips should be taken note of:

  • Relaxing Ritual: Inspite of jumping straight out the bed and prepare breakfast for the family, spend the first twenty minutes of your day for meditation.
  • Healthy Eating and Proper Sleeping Habits: The energy and courage to deal with the day to day hassles of life comes only when you eat proper diet, get a proper 8-10 hours of sleep and relaxing for short periods during the day. Even having a picture of your family by your office desk will make your day.
  • Technology Break: There is a need for you to completely disconnect from the world of technology at least for a set period of time. This helps you reconnect to the world around instead of being a tech-savvy socialite.
  • Boundary Setting: The key to maintaining a balance in your life is avoiding pushing yourself to the limits unnecessarily. This means that when you have said ‘no’ to certain things, it opens up the doors for those creative works that you truly wish to do.

The fast pace of the world around sometimes takes control of the lives, all you need to do is to slow down, get support from your kids and partner to enjoy the bliss of life. It’s never too late, is it?

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