Delegating Work – The Key to Better Productivity

Working women find a tough time oscillating their attention between work, family, and friends or even squeezing some spare time for their own selves. You wish to give your best in every challenging situation that comes your way but managing too many things at once might overload your plate and mess up the work across board. A busy woman’s secret tool that can be utilized here is the ability to delegate, which in simple words means spreading out your task responsibly.

Delegating Work - The Key to Better Productivity

Delegating Work – The Key to Better Productivity

Here are a few techniques that can help you delegate easily:

  • Evaluating: The first and the foremost task at hand is figuring out the work that you need to spread out. Make a ‘To Do’ list, separate the activities and delegate the work to your employees accordingly.
  • Skill Set: Allocate tasks to persons as per their skill set. This helps in making the best advantage of the strengths of your employees and at the same time ensures that the end results are flawless. Your employees also get the taste of having accomplished a set target.
  • Encouragement: Sell the company vision to your employees/team members. It is better to let your team know in advance the benefits they all can enjoy as each milestone is achieved. Take a moment to celebrate with your team however big or small the achievement was to keep the morale up which encourages them to perform even better next time. Focusing on the rewards, the learning process and encouragement will reap dividends.
  • Stay Relaxed: Allowing others to be a part of your project not only allow you to maintain the standards of perfection but at the same time, it allows you to relax and attend to chores that otherwise might have been difficult to handle beforehand.

Delegating your work doesn’t mean that you are de-associating yourself from your work rather it means that you are reducing your day to day activities that put you at cross roads. The only question is : Are you willing to take the initiative?

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