5 Secrets to Creating a Happy Work Place

5 Secrets to Creating a Happy Work Place

Why is happiness so important?

Simply put an unhappy team is an unproductive or least likely to succeed team. With the increasing number of unhappy & stressed employees across most sectors, what are we doing wrong? Is there anyone doing it right?

Turns out Iceland is the third most happiest country in the world just behind Denmark & Costa Rica. Even after considering that Iceland’s weather most of the year is miserable, has had a more than fair share of volcanic eruptions in the world & suffered an extremely serious financial meltdown.

So with that in mind, here are few tips inspired by Iceland’s workplace ethics:

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  1. Create Tribes/Communities/Groups: There’s no such thing as solo-preneur or individual achiever. Success comes from asking for help, sharing responsibilities & crediting each other for the combined effort resulting in creating communities.
  2. Share Successful Stories: Get people in your organisation, in your online tribes & groups to share their success stories . It lifts the spirit of others, inspires them & makes them want to be a part of that organisation, team or group.
  3. Put Real Skills to Work: Help them find their strength. Delegate work according to their set of skills rather than roles & grades. Maximising on skills to work ratio will not only produce a more content team but also a highly fruitful team resulting in financial rewards.
  4. Be Family Friendly: Do not make looking after their family responsibilities like attending important school/doctor appointments a difficult or near impossible task. Making sure that your employees can focus on their families just as well as they do at work reduces stress, anxiety & health problems in your work force.
  5. Provide Healthier Food: Make it easier for your workforce to make better health choices by providing e.g. a subsidised organic lunch pack from a local business, further benefiting local business as well as yours. Make taking a full lunch hour mandatory.

Does your workplace follow these ethics? Would you like them to? Would love to hear your thoughts below!


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